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Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’s Sure to Love

Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’s Sure to Love

Father’s Day is right around the corner!

You haven’t bought your dad, husband, or grandfather a gift yet? I’m here to help you with that.

Fathers are actually very easy to please. They just want to feel appreciated, but if you are set on getting them a gift, here are some really great ideas, that you probably won’t go wrong with.

Here is a list of ways to make Father’s Day very special for him.

Give Him a Gift that you Helped the Kids Make.

  • This can be all kinds of crafts or even just a homemade card. I have made this really cute printable that can be colored and filled out. It’s all about dad and what your child thinks is his favorite stuff. Some of these answers can get quite comical. This is something dad can cherish forever. Father's Day printable

Get the FREE Father’s Day printable here


  • Something as simple as a wallet can make a great present. Most men keep a wallet in their back pocket every day, all day until it’s time for bed. So, their wallets get worn out so quickly. If you’re not sure what kind to get them, (some men can be very picky about it) take them with you and let them pick it out themselves.

If your significant other is the chef in the family, cook supper for him

  • Make his favorite dinner! Let him just relax and enjoy time with the kids while you try your hand at whipping up something gourmet. Even if it ends up not being perfect, he is still going to love every bite.

Take him out to eat

  • This is good for your significant other, your dad, or your grandfather. Sometimes just taking the family out to eat can be special, especially if you guys don’t do it often. Let them pick the restaurant, and let them grub!


  • What father doesn’t want tools! Even if they aren’t a handyman or into getting their hands dirty, they still must use tools every now and then. To put together toys or if something comes loose around the house. They will appreciate tools eventually.


  • All men want to smell nice. They take pride in that, as long as you think it smells nice, chances are they are going to wear it.

If dad or grandpa lives far away, send themfree father's day printable

  • A card (bought or handwritten)
  • Gift card to their favorite restaurant or store
  • Pictures
  • Edible Arrangements

Clean the house

  • If your husband works a lot of hours or if he is the one that likes to do housework, have him come home to a clean house! Take that cleaning burden off his shoulders. That just might be the best Father’s Day present he will ever receive.


  • This is a good gift option for your husband, dad or grandfather.
    • Concert
    • Sports team
    • Event

There are several other things you can buy for Father’s Day but what they will really appreciate is just spending time with their family and feeling appreciated.


If you want to go on vacation for Father’s Day, I have some great ideas for Family Vacations the Whole Family Will Love. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep getting helpful content.

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