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Why We aren’t Forcing Potty Training

Why We aren’t Forcing Potty Training

We may be the only ones out there, but we are not forcing our toddler to be potty trained. How many of you have heard that mom say, “I have tried everything and they just don’t seem to want to go in the potty!”, and they say this between one and two years old. Yes, some kids are ready to be potty trained by 18 months, but most kids are not. AND IT’S NORMAL. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, kids are not a one size fits all, and there is no instruction manual. I know when my toddler is ready, potty training is going to happen. And I also know if he isn’t ready, potty training is NOT going to happen.

I pick my battles.

Why do I want to spend days upon days letting him pee on everything, having to clean him multiple times, and probably having to clean the furniture 50 times a day, just for me to give up because he isn’t grasping it yet? Trust me,your toddler will let you know when they are ready to be potty trained. Believe it or not they give clear signs.

  • Taking an interest when you go to the bathroomwhy we aren't forcing potty training
  • Noticing when they go to the bathroom
  • Not wanting to stay wet
  • Understanding the difference between pee and poo
  • Being able to take off their own clothes
  • Being able to get on their own potty, or step up onto the big potty.

All of these are signs that they are ready or close to being ready for potty training. The more of these signs they have, the better the chances of you being successful. Your child will not be successfully potty trained if they are not ready. So, potty training shouldn’t be a time of scolding and getting in trouble when they have accidence. It’s time for teachable moments, and explaining to them what they should have done. They are not dogs and we shouldn’t shove their noses in it and put them outside, they are little tiny humans, that need positive encouragement.

My son is showing ALL the signs of potty training, so the next weekend my fiancé has off, we are going to spend the weekend getting our toddler to pee in the potty. We have a plan that is hopefully going to work. Of course, I will write a blog post about how we successfully did it once we have achieved the goal, and I will link to it in this post if/when the task has been completed.

How we plan to potty train

We are going to keep it rather simple. We’re just going to hang out at home for a weekend, and let Andy run around in just his pants (no diaper). That way he will feel what it’s like to be wet. He already hates when his clothes get wet, so I know he will learn very quickly.

We are going to have a little reward system for him. At first, I am going to try a sticker chart for when he pees, because he absolutely loves stickers, and then we will let him have a Dum Dums Pop when he poos. However, if the stickers are a no-go then we will be giving him M&M’s every time he pees. I’ve read almost every article on how to have your kid potty trained by the end of the weekend. I think the plan that we set up, will get the job done. (HOPEFULLY!)

Let me know what you guys have been successful with when potty training your kids. I am open to any, and all advice.

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