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Is It Time For A Toy Purge?

Is It Time For A Toy Purge?

Toys, we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. Every gift giving holiday that comes around, I like to go through my son’s toys and donate the ones he doesn’t play with any more. This keeps us from drowning in toys, and helps us make room for new ones that are soon to come. I like to call this, THE TOY PURGE.

Luckily for me my son doesn’t understand what I’m doing yet, so he doesn’t even miss anything we get rid of! However, my time is coming when he is going to start realizing that we are getting rid of some toys. When that time does come, I’ll have to explain to him that there are kids who can’t afford to have toys, and he’s making it possible for them to play.

When is the Best Time for a Toy Purge?

As I mentioned in the beginning, my favorite times to toy purge are right before gift giving holidays. But, there are also other great times to clean out the toy box.

  • Before their birthday
  • Before Christmas
  • Every season change:
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Fall
    • Winter
  • When they reach an educational milestone
  • When they start outgrowing things

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Toy purging is absolutely necessary for my sanity, because it makes my house easier to keep clean! We all know how hard it already is to keep a clean house with a toddler running around.

Where Do I Donate the Toys?IS IT TIME FOR A TOY PURGE

Most towns have donation bins placed in random places throughout the town. These are usually Goodwill bins. My personal preference is to take them to a Salvation Army drop off or just take them into the store. I believe Salvation Army sells their stuff for a cheaper price, making it much more affordable for people in need. However, that is just my opinion and you can drop your toys off at any donation site that accepts toys.

Garage Sale Season?

Before you take the toys to a donation bin, consider having a garage sale if you’re in need of some extra cash. Having a garage sale could lead to a WHOLE HOUSE purge, which would be even more beneficial to a mother’s sanity. Not only can you get rid of all that stuff that’s taking up your spare room, but you can also go through your own clothes and make room for more. A toy purge can be a kickstart to getting your house back in order. Which is extremely difficult with a toddler.

Toy Purge Didn’t Free up Enough Room?

Consider going through everything your child owns, not just their toys.

  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Bottles/sippy cups
  • Accessories
  • Stuffed animals
  • Bowls/plates/cups
  • Outside toys

Just get rid of anything your child hasn’t used in a while, chances are they don’t need it and it’s just taking up room.

I believe living a minimalist lifestyle is the best for the soul…

Maybe someday I will get there. Until then, I will keep toy purging.


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