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WARNING: When was the Last Time you Checked your Toddler’s Socks?

WARNING: When was the Last Time you Checked your Toddler’s Socks?

When you first bring home your newborn and all your friends and family are coming over to see you and your baby, they are all giving you so much advice. Usually your head is spinning with all the “be sure to do this” and “make sure you watch out for that”. One piece of advice that I never ignored was “Check your baby’s toes and fingers to make sure hair, or string wasn’t wrapped around them.” It seems like such a silly thing to pay attention to but it can actually cause the baby so much pain. In severe cases the baby could even lose their toe or finger. So, I checked all the time, and we never had that situation. So now I have a question for you to ask yourself. Now that you no longer have a newborn, and you have probably dismissed this piece of advice. When was the last time you checked your toddler’s socks?

My answer to that question, was NEVER!

Last night we were driving home, my fiancé and I were in the front seats and my toddler was in the back in his car seat. During the drive he took his socks off and started talking about his toes. He is obsessed with his toes so neither one of us really thought anything of it. We just let him go on and on about his toes. He never sounded like he was in pain or uncomfortable. So, when we made it home it was almost bedtime. We curled up on the couch to get our toddler to wind down, and that’s when I noticed a deep ring around my son’s toe.

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When was the Last Time you Checked your Toddler’s Socks

It was extremely hard to get a good look at it while he was awake. I think it was sore, because he would not sit still when I touched it. However, the ring on my toddler’s toe looked deep enough to still have a hair wrapped in it. So, we were really concerned.

Luckily for us, he fell asleep quickly, and we could carefully investigate his toe. We never found a hair wrapped around his toe, so all we could think of was…

It had to be his socks.

We then went on a sock hunt to find the socks he was wearing that day. One of us finally remembered that he took them off in the car and went out to search for them.

The socks we had on him were dark blue Paw Patrol socks, with a white pup sewed into it. They are just normal toddler socks, I think they came in a 5 pack from Walmart.

We turned the socks inside out and what we found was socking.


All over the inside was full of strings, I couldn’t even believe it. No wonder he had a deep ring around his toe, I think even I would, if I put a pair of socks on like that. I am just so glad he is old enough to know that didn’t feel good, and he took his own socks off. Our toddler could have lost his toe last night, and that is a scary thing to think about.

This has inspired me and I hope it inspires you, to go and check all your toddler’s socks to make sure they have no strings hanging from them.


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